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With live music and welsh cakes, Hiraeth explores the decline of Welsh tradition and identity through one woman's struggle to escape and let go.

Desperate to leave, Bud wrestles with the knowledge that her departure sounds the death knell for the family farm. Leaving five generations of tradition behind her as she sets out alone into the big smoke... 

Thursday 23rd April 7.30pm at the Miners'

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Friday 24th April 7.30pm at the Ffwrnes

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Bred in Heaven: The Road to Twickers


Following on from the 2011 smash hit ‘Bred in Heaven’, Frapetsus productions present a new and exciting comedy based on the Rugby World Cup.

We go on tour with a rugby mad group of friends making the journey east along the M4, and over the Severn Bridge in a quest to support our boys in red as they aim to derail the chariot! This time our welsh regulars are joined by the only Englishman in the village, the nephew of the iconic Maldwyn - Rupert Novello Pugh! He promises the tour of a lifetime that the boys will never forget, although some will wish that they could!

Written by Jack Llewellyn and directed by Michael Bogdanov, we follow the highs and lows of supporting our boys as they aim to make history.  Can Wales go one step further than 2011 and make the final? Can they turn over the old enemy on their own front lawn? Will the boys even manage to get hold of a ticket?

Wednesday 22nd April 7.30pm at the Lyric

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Wilde Without the Boy


“Wilde Without the boy” is a dramatisation of “De Profundis”, the bitterly passionate letter Oscar Wilde wrote to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, from his cell in Reading gaol. Two years previously, Wilde had been imprisoned for gross indecency.

“...The gods had given me almost everything....Whatever I touched I made beautiful.....I summed up all systems in a phrase, and all existence in an epigram...”. Oscar Wilde, De Profundis

Friday 20th March 7.30pm at the Miners'

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The Royal Bed


The future lies in her hands….

Easter 1230 and anuneasy truceexists between a divided Wales and England. At the court of the charismatic Prince of North Wales, a catastrophe is about to unfold and dreams of a united Wales will crumble…

The Royal Bed is Siôn Eirian’s masterful English language adaptation of the Welsh classic, Siwan, by renowned Welsh playwright Saunders Lewis. Set in medieval Wales, it is a heartbreaking tale of the disintegration of a marriage played out against a backdrop of political intrigue. 

Saturday 21st March 7.30pm at the Lyric

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Y Fenyw Ddaeth o’r Môr


Elida, the daughter of a lighthouse keeper yearns for the freedom of the sea. Though her husband is kind, she is caged by their marriage, the mountains tower above her while she floats in the stagnant water of her perfect life. A visit from a stranger changes everything. But is he really a stranger? As she comes face to face with her troubled past, she suddenly must make the ultimate decision…stay or flee?

This is Henrik Ibsen’s most exciting love story translated in to Welsh for the first time ever by Menna Elfyn.

Sibrwd - take advantage of Sibrwd - a smartphone app that whispers in your ear and helps guide non-Welsh speakers through the performance. 

Download Sibrwd from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android before you arrive, pop in your headphones and Sibrwd will whisper short snippets to you in English, helping you to be part of the action. 

Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th March 7.30pm at the Ffwrnes

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