Farewell Innocence – Streamed Storytelling

Adaptation of Farewell Innocence by William Glynne-Jones.


Abridged and read by Alun Gibbard.

This is the colourful story of fictional West Wales town, Abermôr, and the tinworks at the heart of the community. It’s the warm telling of a young man’s hopes and dreams in hard times.  

A rare opportunity to hear the unique work of long forgotten Llanelli author, William Glynne-Jones. The readings will be streamed across seven episodes every Wednesday and Sunday night at 7pm until 16th December.

Farewell Innocence  “… underlines the values embodied in the communities that have produced us and remind us, and those who will come after us, who we are and how we belong the one to the other” Huw Lawrence.

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Episode 1.  November 25th, 7pm: Bedtime stories and a chill wind.
Episode 2. November 29th, 7pm. Sandshoes and dungarees.
Episode 3. December 2nd, 7pm: Gomer determination and warm words.
Episode 4. December 6th, 7pm: An umbrella and a little rest.
Episode 5. December 9th, 7pm: The Barber of Seville and down tools.
Episode 6. December 13th, 7pm: Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally.
Episode 7. December 16th, 7pm: Sunshine through dark clouds. 

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We are grateful for the support from Arts Council Wales for making this event possible. 

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