This Incredible Life - Live Stream

This Incredible Life

by Alan Harris

Directed by Julia Thomas

Cast: Sharon Morgan and Christopher Elson

With appearances from Richard Elfyn, Scott Gutteridge, Lynn Hunter, Andrew Lennon, Simon Nehan, Elin Phillips and Liane Walters
Mab has spent her life telling stories.
Incredible stories.
She was a jet-setting journalist, putting people’s lives into print.
As a young boy, her nephew Robert, hung on her every word.
He doesn’t listen anymore.
In a time when fake news surrounds us, and the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred, does truth really matter?
In a digital world where family connections are more tentative than ever, how do we reconnect with our loved ones and create new shared experiences?
Watch BAFTA Award-winning writer Alan Harris’ comedy together, in the same room or continents apart, and rediscover how the magical power of a good story can bring us closer together.
Featuring the creative talents of Jorge Lizalde, Richard Barnard, Gemma Green-Hope, Sam Jones and Ryan Davies, and based on Canoe Theatre and Theatrau Sir Gâr’s 2018 touring production, This Incredible Life brings together theatre, film, animation and original music to transport you into a story that will lift the spirits and warm your heart.
How to access

Join us at 7pm on Wednesday 14 October for a streamed broadcast and audience interaction as we explore how audiences can come together to experience theatre in the digital realm. Registration for this free event is via the 'Book Now' button below. You will then be emailed a link to access the live stream ahead of the broadcast.

This Incredible Life will also be available to watch on-demand at your leisure from 15 - 28 October.
Supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Theatrau Sir Gâr.

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  • Category: Drama

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  • Category: Drama