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An English country house is thrown into chaos when an inventor's new chemical formula is stolen. He asks for it back and is murdered when the lights go out.  Arriving just moments too late, one man senses a potent brew of despair, treachery and deception among the house's occupants.

That man is Hercule Poirot.  Can Poirot discover the truth? As usual, Agatha Christie dangles a fishing-rod of confusing red herrings in a murky sea before Poirot can discover the truth. Can you beat Hercule Poirot in discovering the murderer to celebrate Agatha Christie's 125th Anniversary?  


NTW 1820x500750

A theatrical staging of Christopher Logue's War Music

Directors Mike Pearson & Mike Brookes

“In the beginning there was no Beginning, And in the end, no End…”

Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes, celebrated for their large-scale interpretations of The Persians and Coriolanus with NTW, will bring their trademark vision to this multimedia staging of the last weeks of the Trojan War.

There are four, separate shows that can be viewed individually, while bolder audience members can choose to see all four in one of two extraordinary, omnibus performances - either all day or overnight. Whichever way you watch it, this will be an epic journey made with a cast of great Welsh actors, a troupe of teenage gods, and vast cinematic landscapes.

Classic Greek, epic storytelling meets box-set theatre.

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